Review: The Future of Organics

Here’s what  What did she think? had to say about my short play currently being performed at Gasworks Park as part of Melbourne Writer’s Theatre’s Six Degrees at a Hot Melbourne Market.

‘The Future of Organics’ is Hopewell‘s first play although she is a proficient writer in other disciplines. For a first play, this one is extremely well structured with a wonderful layering of text and subtext. Morton plays a grocer running an organic fruit and vegie stall at the markets. Her husband doesn’t help her anymore because he has a bad back. She has been forced to bring in help but because the high cost of wages she has decided to modernise with the help of the Scamparoo 5000C (Andrusiw). Her daughter Kitty (Jordan) visits her. She is about to lose her job and needs help. What ensues is a wonderful debate about the cost of human labour in a fast paced technological era, versus the cost to the community with an ever growing unemployed population.’

And here’s a link to a video of the performance: Six degrees at a hot Melbourne market 2019


A proud playwright with the amazing cast of ‘The future of organics’.

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