Luca’s Lilypad

Proud to have my haiku published in Luca’s Lilypad Issue 10.

a stork wades
in the shallows
wriggling tadpoles

Luca Cenisi’s comments on my work.

Comment: Another poem with a ‘classic’ taste and an unmarked juxtaposition, which plays on the contrast between the slow and delicate moves of the stork (kōnotori 鸛) and the nervous and frenetic movements of the tadpoles (otamajakushi お玉杓子). The attention of the poet towards these small creatures brings the author close to Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828), exalting a sincere emotional participation (kokoro ni kaku 心にかく) through a sour and essential language. The alliteration of the ‘s’ sound, running through the entire poem, gives it an overall sense of fragility and delicacy, while the ‘g’ consonant in line 3 emphasizes the soft and irregular movement of the small creatures.

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