Australian Haiku Society summer haiga kukai

First place in the Australian Haiku Society Summer Seasonal Haiga Kukai:


fiery sunset
a single red blossom
on the blackened branch

Here’s what judge Ron Moss had to say:

There is no doubt that the weather is changing and that there is a climate emergency upon us. In Australia the records keep being broken, records of storms, high temperatures, low rainfall, and continuous drought, all of which have beset our beautiful country. I chose this photograph, which I captured on a recent deployment in Queensland fighting the bushfires with other Tasmanian crews, to use for the seasonal image for the Kukai. The fire was out of control and burning over the surrounding mountains. I was looking for haiku that worked with the power of the image to bring us an emotional connection. Louise has captured very well the danger of the scene, but she has also expressed an overwhelming feeling of hope. Things have their time and place, but there will be rebirth. A lot to pack into a one-breath three line haiku, but I think it has been achieved very well indeed and so I would like to award it a worthy first place.


Highly Commended award in the AHS Summer Non-Seasonal Haiga Kukai:

cow bells
not afraid to show
my true colours

The judge’s comments:

This is another fun haiga that has plenty for us to wonder about and perhaps brings a smile to our faces. Although there is a message for us to think about, showing our true colours or inner self can be a very positive thing that has many rewards. Stripping away that which weighs us down to find our true centre can be very heart of the matter. Louise has explored this in what seems to be a very simple haiku, but much more can be found if we give it the time.

Non Seasonal


International Haiku Day String

the last leaf falls
from the elm

making friends
with solitude

outside my window
a banksia full of lorikeets
home quarantine

International Haiku Day – Haiku String

Also to celebrate international Haiku day I read my two ‘personal best’ poems from 2019-20 at the Fringe Myrtle’s Haiku Hangout.

magpie feather
the charred trunk
of a ghost gum

Windfall #8

smoke haze
over the cathedral
our prayers for rain

Human Kindness #2.1

Fringe Myrtles International Haiku Day Haiku Hangout


And here’s a link to freer International Haiku Days, my reading at Chamber Poets Woodend on this day in 2019.

Featured Reader: International Haiku Day 2010


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